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    Do you have a Bur-Mar's Shoes or Dansko experience to share? Email us, and we will post it on our site!

    I have gotten so many compliments (and chuckles) from my colleagues on the custom hand painted Dansko's.
    I'd like to place another order similar to the ones you custom made for me in Dec 2018 featuring a different chemical structure.
    I absolutely love these shoes and am looking forward to working with you on another pair.
    ~ Meejin

    I just opened the box with my beautiful hand painted butterfly skull clogs! I cannot get over this work.
    Please pass this along to Carol, I am so grateful. These are the most amazing and beautiful works of art I have ever seen!
    Thank you so much for helping me with this order. I absolutely love them!!! They are BETTER then I could have ever imagined!
    Thank you so much!!
    ~ Nicole

    I received them today and I couldn't be happier!!! Thank you so much! Lena

    The gift was fantastic, the professionalism of the artist is apparent and greatly appreciated.
    It did arrive on time for Christmas.
    Hopefully we place more orders in the future.
    Wish you folks happy new year and most importantly stay warm.

    Thank you,
    Vahik O.

    Love them! Pleasure doing business with you!
    Happy holidays!
    ~ Tanya

    Hello Ms. Dosch,

    I just wanted to let you know that I received the shoes I ordered today ...and they are absolutely amazing.

    My wife and I are both from South Dakota (I grew up in Sioux Falls, she in Parkston) and we still have a lot of family there whom we visit often. We now reside in western Wisconsin (or lately, the "North Pole II").

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I am so pleased with the shoes and how beautiful they are. I did not expect them to be hand painted as they are, and my wife is going to love them. My wife stumbled upon a picture of these shoes while doing a google search for Dansko shoes last year. She couldn't find them on any of the major websites (Dansko, Amazon, Zappos, etc.) At the time, she (nor I) realized that they were hand painted, and were not a print offered directly from Dansko. I did some extra digging, and finally found your website ...and was thrilled to find the "butterfly" shoes that she had seen a picutre of. I purchased the shoes for my wife as a surprise birthday gift. She loves Dansko shoes and already has like 5 pairs (shoes and sandals). She often wears them to work and she is going to be blown away when she sees them.

    If possible, please pass on my thanks and appreciation to Ms. Weber Green. Her work is fantastic and I love the added touch of having her name and series number on the shoes. My wife is going to love having an essentially one-of-a-kind, hand painted shoe that cannot be purchased in a store.

    Thank you again for a great product and great service.


    (Osceola, WI)

    I received the package yesterday and the item is great. Thank you for the super fast shipping! I am very happy with your services. Tiffanu 

    Thank you very much for your help. I am so happy that the 2 shoes that I ordered are shipped out to Hawaii so quickly today :) Chonlada

    Thanks a bunch. Love your store & service!  Mari

    Received yesterday. . .wearing today. . .loving them!!! Thank you, Marlene 

    That is SOME Customer Service!! My goodness. You don't see that anymore these days. My hat's off to you!  Dan

    Dear Bur-Mar Customer Service, I just wanted to send you guys at Bur-Mar a note to let you know how impressed I was with your service. I am all about customer service, especially when I am spending my money! I placed my first order online last Monday and my purchase arrived Friday--even after being delayed in Chicago from all the snow. I recently had issues with receiving packages from online orders from large retail chains (not shoe related), so your prompt delivery was a much needed change! I love my Danskos. I have worn them for years now, and know their quality. (I now own ten pairs with this last order!) Your prices and selection are awesome. The limited editions are what caught my eye at first. Finding Danskos is easy. Finding Dansko at your prices are nearly impossible! I work with lots of nurses and other health care professionals and have already raved about your website, prices, and customer service. Just wanted you to know that I am a new fan! Sincerely, Julie 

    I just wanted to thank you and Bur-Mar shoes for great service, and amazing price, and quick shipping. My shoes arrived yesterday. Even though you're half way across the country from me, I will not hesitate to order from you again and will definitely refer friends to you. Thanks again from satisfied customer, Alice 

    I received my shoes this evening. A fellow teacher shared your website and raved about the service. I must concur!! Thank you for the follow up email, the free shipping and awesome service. I will be sure to check YOUR website for my Danskos! Kind Regards, AJ 

    My fabulous Dansko shoes have arrived!!! Thank you all so much for your assistance in ordering my shoes. I know sometimes I can be a little high maintenance : ), but you all were great. Thanks again for the assistance and the comfy shoes : ) A Loyal Customer! Nikki  

    I have bad knees so dankso's are my cute but supportive shoes! This will be my third pair. I was a little skeptical about ordering them without trying them on but they fit perfect! I love how when the light hits them they always look a little different! My experience with your company was great! You responded quickly when I had questions and make me as a cutomer feel important. I will defiantly be back to order more!  Melanie

    Kathy, I just wanted to let you know that I got home to get ready for my ski trip and the sweater you sent was on the front porch. Thank you so much for getting here on time. Fits great. I sent the other sweater back a on Wednesday. Terrific customer service. I'll definitely shop with you guys again. Dan 

    Thank you, Kathy. I look forward to the shoes and will order from you in the future. David

    Kathy, What an amazing person you are and what an outstanding representative BurMar's has in you. When you discovered that my order had never been shipped since early December and that Dansko was out of my size, you somehow located a pair for me somewhere and had them overnighted to me on Christmas Eve! Wow! I've never seen service as great as that. I promise I will do my online shoe shopping with you from now on because of Kathy. I had only stumbled on your site by accident, but I am completely blown away your company. Thank you Kathy and Happy Holidays to you! Sincerely, Judy 

    Thank you for "personally" overseeing this, Kathy! That's true old fashioned customer service!!  Jim

    Dear Bur-Mar's, Hi! Thanks for the great shoe (Naot-Kayla) at a great price. I was a bit leary of buying these from you-I never heard of you before (I live in western Pennsylvania). But it was a good experience. I will continue to include your website in my shoe searches. Have a wonderful holiday! Sincerely, Deborah  

    I received the first pair – really lovely, thanks! The Internet is so wonderful. There you are, in Aberdeen, SD, and you have JUST what I wanted! Best regards... Pat

    I just want to say thank you for the fabulous Naot Boots (Allure, 37) that you sent me. The fit is fine, and the agonizing over the size - 36 vs. 37 - was alleviated with your trying on the 37, and saying that it fit you. Again, thank you so much, and I will keep my eye on your Web Site, for future needs and desires! In appreciation, Pat 

    I received them today and love them! I will only buy from you, and am referring all of my friends. Go Burmar!!! -- Pattie  

    Thank you for following up on my order. Since Danskos are pretty much the only shoe I wear, now I know there is a store that I can count on. Thanks, Kristina 

    Thank you so much for making my shopping experience with you a good one. Thanks again, Sincerely, Tim 

    Thank you! The shoes arrived today, and I dropped everything and tried them on as soon as I walked in the door. They're perfect! They fit so comfortably! Plus, the price was lower than I found it elsewhere (like and, and the delivery was super fast. I'll be shopping Bur-Mar's Shoes again soon! Thank you, thank you! Christy

    I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding service on my recent order. This is the second time I have placed an order with Bur-Mar's and both transactions were flawless. I could not be happier with my purchases. The orders were expedited very quickly and I am very satisfied. I have been recommending, and will continue to recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you again for your wonderful service, it is so hard to find these days. Sincerely, Alyssa  

    I received the package today!...A whole day early for 3 day shipping. I am completely happy with my new five fingers. They are perfect in fit and color. I just have to say that it was a total pleasure doing business with you and have bookmarked your website on my computer. Sorry you have had such lousy weather there but glad to say it did not affect your customer service at all. Thanks again! DJ 

    I received my shoes yesterday and wanted to thank you for excellent customer care.  My shoes arrived exactly as represented on your website, they fit well, feel great on my arthritic feet, and look cute!  I am glad to have found your store online and will shop with you again. Thank you, Lauren

    I am completely impressed with the customer service (via email notifications). I'm looking forward to my shoes! Thank you! Kim

    Hello Kathy- Just wanted to let you know my blue patent Big Buddha just arrived and it is exactly what I expected. I just love Big Buddha bags. Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service and the super quick order processing. I've added your website to my favorites and will visit often. Since BB bags draw lot's of attention, I always keep the name and contact information of the vendor I purchased it from in the bag, so that I can pass that information along. I'm sure I'll be passing your information along shortly. Regards! Connie 

    I had to email you and tell you how many compliments i get on these leopard print red danskos!!! Thanks, I will keep you website in mind the next time I get a cravings for more danskos!!!! Bridget 

    Just wanted to compliment you on the excellent service - the emails, the tracking information and quick shipment. I also LOVE the shoes! Thanks very much, if I need anything in the future, I have you in my favorites! Cheryl 

    I received my shoes yesterday via UPS. Thanks for the wonderful & fast service! I will be sure to order my next pair of Dansko from you, I love your huge selection. My feet stay nice and comfy while I work my 12 hour shifts in a Neonatal ICU. Beth  

    Got the shoes and love them!! Thanks for the great communication and fast shipping! Jennifer

    I'm so pleased with your company..........I'd been told I wouldnt be able to find my grey leopard danskos.........but you had them!! shipped them the same day I ordered them and I got them right on schedule! I've been telling my friends how great you are!!!! thank you again. Randi 

    I am VERY PLEASED with the service of you establishment. I searched all over in my area for the shoes and could not find them in stores, so I turned to my trusty online sites when I stumbled upon your shoe store. THANK GOODNESS! Not only did you have the shoes, but the service was phenomenal! I was not expecting, first of all to receive my shoes in less than 4 days, or a confirmation from UPS. This has never happened and I shop online a lot! Thanks again and I will definately put you in my favorites! Monica  

    Hi Kathy, Thank you for letting me know. Your store offered such a wonderful price compared to Zappos that I'm happy to wait another few days. Cheers, Desiree 

    I just wanted to let you know I rec'd the socks today and would like to thank you so much for your super service. Your e-mail updates and lightning fast shipping made my purchase from you a great pleasure. I will surely be back in the future. So thanks again to a 1st class company. Happy Holidays! Reenie 

    I received them today and love them....good shoes, good price, GREAT selection! I will use your site again. Thx again... Jean

    Thank you so much for your timely shipping, emails and generally great handling and great pricing of these shoes. I will try to do business with your store again in the near future. I am sure my daughter will enjoy these shoes on Christmas as she has several pairs of Dansko already. Thanks, Joseph 

    I just LOVE your customer service! I think I'll order all of my Danko's from you forever more (I already own 9 pair!). Thanks for your speedy and thorough reply. Carol

    Just a quick note to thank you for your prompt service. I received my ltd edition leopard first pair of dansko,and I love them. I work in my own store, and was in dire need of some comfortable shoes. I will be ordering again soon... just trying to decide on style! Warm Regards Terri 

    Hi, You guys are great. My clogs arrived today from Dansko. Very quick, it's a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks, Amy 

    Kathy, What a great experience buying from you. My shoes showed up yesterday and I am thrilled. Your communication has been wonderful and I will definitely buy from you again. Thanks, Rhonda 

    Wow, thanks for the friendly email and the quick turnaround on my order. I appreciate it and can't wait to get my shoes! Julie 

    Thank you for my shoes, fits perfect, toes are freely moving,and the size is very good. Carmelita

    My Danskos arrived yesterday. I wore them today, and I just love them. It's funny--I was hesitant to purchase my first pair (a year ago), because I just couldn't believe they could possibly be comfortable. So I hemmed and hawed until I took the plunge. They truly are a wonderfully comfortable shoe. I don't think I'll buy anything but Danskos (for work) again. Thanks for your help. I'll visit your site again. Tammy, RN 

    Shoes arrived today. My first pair is so old I had forgotten just how wonderful they felt new! Perfect fit, perfect shoe! Thanks for the good service you provided, Delores 

    I wanted you to know I received my shoes and love them. Thank you so much for the exchange and prompt responses and shipping. Paula  

    Hi Kathy, Thank you so much for making sure the Vibram aqua blue shoes where here before I went white water rafting. You where very nice thanks agian. I love the shoes the color is awsome and they fit great. Priscilla  

    The shoes arrived today and are PERFECT. I will enjoy them a lot. Thanks for being so responsive, and I'll definitely remember Burmar's in the future. Susan

    I can't tell you how happy I am to have stumbled upon your web site. Looking forward to some awesome shoes, Denise 

    Hello, Kathy! And thank you for being so prompt in shipping my new sandals! I SO love MBT shoes! I hope they'll be good for me, since I have a wide foot, I hope these sandals will work. I'm sure they will. I'll let you know. It was a pleasure talking to you today, all the way in S. Dakota! You are a real honey. Thanks again, Jeanne

    Ooh, thanks Kathy. A real person behind the scenes? Very cool. I look forward to these veggie shoes in MY size too. The pomegranate color is hard to find evidentially. Cheers, Suzanna

    Kathy, Thank you so much for making my shopping online so convenient in every way from buying to returning an item. It's the pleasant voice as well over the phone that makes it even better plus the speedy shipment. I have bought three pairs of Sanita clogs and they never fail to satisfy my wants in a walking shoe. I can't wait to get my latest order that will be coming from Alaska. I will definitely continue to do business with you and share my great experience with friends. Take care. Gwen

    Thank you for the note on my order. Your customer service is the BEST! Regards, Paula

    Thank you so much for your great service. I love shoes and I'm sure I will be ordering more soon. Margie

    Hi, Just got my shoes, and they are sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!%!!! Thanks so much, Kathy

    Hi Kathy, I am sooooo excited. This is my first pair so they will always be sentimental. Thanks for letting me know about the approximate receive date. I'll look forward to it. Have a great day!! Gidget

    Got them. LOVE THEM!!!!! Thanks! Roxie

    Thanks Kathy. My wife has a closet full of clogs through Bur-Mar and it has always been a pleasure doing business with you. These will be a little end of winter surprise for her. Lewis

    Just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I always appreciate great customer service and I think your's has been the best I have received in a very long time. Tami 

    I received my boots and they are absolutely wonderful! They are just what I have been looking for and they fit perfectly! I look forward to ordering from your store in the future. Thank you again, for your personal attention to me and my order! Great weekend, Ramona 

    Thanks for your email. I specifically ordered from you as you advertise as a family business. I love trying to support family run businesses. Keep up the good work! I look forward to my new boots! Happy 2008. Janette

    Thank you very much for your FAST and wonderful service!!! Rhonda

    We just received the replacement Dansko clogs you sent. They will work out great! We truly appreciate how attentive you have been with this whole ordeal. Our experience with Bur-Mar and Dansko was positive, and we will surely continue to patronize you. Thank you again. Sincerely, Amy & Gary

    WOW - really quick Shipping! Can't wait to receive my shoes!!!!! Mandi

    Thank you. I am excited about doing business with you. Have a great weekend. Pam

    Wow, what a speedy response! Thank you so much for the wonderful communication! (And your web site is so easy to use!) Have a great day, Diane

    Kathy, I received my forget-me-not-danskos today. I can' t believe how beauiful the artwork. I am so pleased with them and can't wait to wear them. Thank you for the prompt service and thanks to the artist Romney Dodd. I know that this will not be my only pair, Sincerely, Carol

    I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoy the painted clogs. I got the sort of silver rose pattern, but there were many I loved. I just adore them! Many thanks for this unique and extremely well crafted article!:) xxxGeo

    Hello Kathy, I wanted to Thank You very much for your kindness and prompt help in finding the Dansko Greer boots for me. I just had to send you my warm gratitude as I was amazed at the effort you put into helping me out. You are wonderful!!!! I will certainly order from you again. Best wishes, Amber

    Hi Kathy Just letting you know that I finally received my shooz today.. =) And... They're gorgeous! A perfect fit, look fabulous with my dress and I couldn't be happier! Thanks for your wonderful service, I'll definitely be in touch in the near future.. =) Kind Regards, Suzie

    Thank you.... I'm glad I found your store on the web! I'm impressed with your products, prices, and service! I got my new shoes today and I love them!  Thanks so much.  I've already recommended your site to several people! Sue

    Thank you! that is truly excellent service. the shoes came, all is well. thanks so much again... Dru

    Hi Kathy My 2nd pair arrived today and they are terrific!! Thanks for the terrific service. Great attention to customer service should always be acknowledged. Your are a stand out and I am glad to have found you. I saw the new fall hand painted Danskos... I'm looking at painting my own or ... maybe coming back again soon!!! Thanks again - you'll continue to get my business and those I send your way. Appreciatively yours from a true shoe-aholic. Tracy

    Thank you ever so much...and Cheers! for the sox. Thank you, Megan 

    Kathy That would be GREAT if you could send out another 39 and then I could see which fit best! As I said before I was pleased so far with you all and this just adds to it!! I think this could be the start of a terrific relationship!! Just sent another friend to your website today! I will look for the other pair and then send back the one that doesn't work for me. Thanks and have a nice weekend. Tracy 

    Thanks for such excellent service, Kathy! I am impressed! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Best, Mary  

    I just wanted to let you know that I have received both pairs of shoes and they are wonderful! The hand painted ones are absolutely stunning! I received the lime shoes SUPER fast - like by Tuesday, and then the painted ones arrived this past Saturday. Thanks so much for all of your help (I have referred my friends to you too!). Sincerely, Cooke

    Hi Kathy, I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting my Dansko sandals so quickly and in the colors that I wanted. I appreciate the excellent service. Thanks so much! Judy

    Kathy, Thanks for the personable should come to my Leading Ladies' Marathon this week end; shirt says, "Running with Sole for Soul!" Your kind of humor! Running On.... Elaine

    Thank you so much! So far, your customer service has been impeccable!! I appreciate your emails and updates. Leanne

    Thank you...cant wait to get them...tried them on at a local shop but didn't have my size in this color...i searched you out on the internet! Lisa

    Thanks Kathy! I received the initial shipment yesterday and I'm very pleased with my new Dansko sandals. I have a pair in the same style but in a coral color and they are my favorite summer shoes. (I'm limited in what I can wear due to a nasty case of plantar fasciitis and the Danskos are a great option for comfort while giving me something fashionable to wear in the office.) I was excited to see your great prices as well! Looking forward to my new Danskos! Thanks again! Donna

    Thanks for providing the rose-colored Bernardo sandals I needed. Excellent price... excellent delivery! Sylvia

    I just wanted to say that I received my Dansko's and Croc's! Thanks so much for your speedy and wonderful service. I will definitely recommend your site to my friends and family. As well as place more orders for myself!! Thanks again! Chris

    Thanks again for your super user friendly site and awesome customer service! it gives this humble massage therapy student a good excuse for *retail* therapy ;0) have a lovely weekend and 4th of july, Latifah

    Wow!! Thanks! You guys have amazing customer service and the best pricesaround! I'll definitely recommend you to others! Carly

    Dear Kathy, Wow, what amazing service you folks provide; very fast shipping and nice communication style, as well. I will definitely remember Bur-Mar's for future shoe orders. Have a wonderful Thursday, too :) Mesa

    They're here, I'm wearing them, and I'm wondering why I waited so long! Thanks for all your help, and the next time I need shoes I'll start with you. Glenda

    Thank you so much! I must say, you have absolutely wonderful customer service! Can't wait to get the shoes! Thanks again, Angela

    Thank-you so much for your assistance with making sure my daughter had the perfect prom shoe. The Lela was beautiful and she was able to wear them all night. Thanks, Rita

    Hi Kathy, I did receive the shoes last week and they were absolutely worth the wait, they are beautiful!! Thanks, Irma

    Thanks very much. I am late in responding but I got my shoes/sandals quickly--I think the Wednesday before Easter. I love both pairs, although I have used only the black ones. Thanks again for the speedy processing. Nancy

    Hurrah!! Hooray!! I have my shoes, and they are perfect! Worth the wait. Jane

    Just got my Danskos today & " Wow" so beautiful and comfortable! I would definately buy Dankos again and from now on. The leather quality is so well made & love the fit! - Thanks. Jenny

    Kathy, I am so excited to find this boot at your GREAT price! I will enjoy wearing my 19th pair of Danskos come next fall. I've also added you to my list of (computer) favorites to shop for additional Danskos. Thank you for offering such value and service. Ann

    Hi Kathy! My new shoes arrived today and they look fabulous!!!! Thanks so much for letting me make the special order!!! Sincerely, Jordan

    Every person I've talked to at Bur-Mur has been awesome! Thank you so very much for all your help. I will definitely continue to shop through you all. My mom did find the credit very easily thanks to the info you provided. We're all set. Many, many thanks again! Meg 

    Hi Kathy :0) Thank you so much for your email. I was initially concerned that this would be a personal message saying the green clogs I've been tracking down for ages, were actually not in stock/my size/currently available. Whew! I purchased these as gift to myself for surviving another term of massage school and will consider them my lucky charm during finals in a few weeks. What better way to stand for hours than to do so in cute comfy clogs? Thanks again and I look forward to receiving the shoes soon. Best regards, Latifah 

    I wanted to let you know I received the clogs on Tuesday! I'm wearing them today, there great!! Thanks for all your help! I'm sure I'll shop with your company again. Isabel

    I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note. I received the shoes last week and I love them. Your emails, updates, and quick responses to my email questions makes your company a great one to do business with. I really appreciated it. Thanks again, Carla

    I placed an order with you  last week and received everything fine.  I have never ordered from your company before.  I found out from the stores in my area that the confetti Dansko was very limited so I went on line.  I am very leary of ordering from a company I don't know anything about.  I took a chance with Burmar Shoes. I was well pleased.  Thank you for your e-mail response on my order status and your prompt service!  I will recommend you to others. Kathy W.

    I received my shoes yesterday!!! Thanks for the quick delivery. Merry Tracy

    I just wanted to thank you again. The shoes are exactly what I needed. I was all over the web looking for flat silver shoes and you were the only site I came across that had them in my size. I am very pleased at your customer service. I will defintely buy again,. Thank you, Debi

    Got the shoes on Monday...I was amazed how quickly they arrived. In fact, I am wearing them right those Crocs!! Thanks for the great service! Pam

    My Dansko shoes arrived today! You have provided excellent service. I will go to your web site as a first pick for ALL my shoes. I live in my Dansko riding boots (I have three pairs) and they are so comfortable that all other shoes just hurt my feet. Today, I was in my riding boots all day when I came home and saw your package. I put the Ryan boots on and they felt great - like I have had them for years! Thanks again. Audrey

    I used to wear Bernardo sandals in high school, which was many mango seasons ago. I recently got a pair in gold for a 70s theme party and they are so comfortable that I decided to get more - they are wonderful. Lee

    This is the first time I have ordered from Bur-mars Shoes and would like to say KUDOS on the customer service!! Sincerely, Reshecia

    Thank you for communicating with me so readily, I love your customer service and will shop with you again. Anne-Marie

    My new Rieker shoes came today, they fit, and are wonderful! Thanks for your help. I'm hoping to get another pair of Riekers in the fall. Talk to you then! Nancy

    My Naot Shout shoes in Walnut, size 38, arrived a couple of days ago, and I'm wearing them today. Thank you for such fast and good service. I am well pleased. Regards, Linda

    The Cutting Edge

    Terry Mach and JoAnn Lehrkamp (pictured right) of The Cutting Edge Salon in Aberdeen, South Dakota love their Danskos!

    "They are the greatest supporting shoes I can find," said Terry, "They are great to stand in and have helped my lower back problems."

    Cathy Ivey, of The Ivey's For Hair says of Dansko, "After 30 years of standing behind the chair, my hips, legs and feet have been giving me problems. My clients in the salon kept telling me to try Dansko. My hip pain went away, and no aching feet! Now I wear them 90% of the time at work and at home. If I wear other shoes, my arches and hips start to ache."

    Teachers' Danskos

    Teachers in the Frederick School District, Frederick, South Dakota proudly display their Danskos. Pictured feet belong to Janelle Barondeau, Jackie Brokaw, Renee Brooks, Amber Haselhorst, Liz Labesky, Cindy Rall, Carman Ruenz, Sara Sumption, Ann Wampler, Roberta Yeske and Tonya Zinter.

    Ann Wampler, teacher at Frederick, told us "All I can say is that since I bought my first pair- when Bur-Mar's Shoes started selling them years ago-I have been coming back regularily to buy more because they are comfortable, supportive, stylish and I can wear them all day. Plus, I really trust Kathy's judgment and recommendation for my shoes.

    Thanks for the tracking number and for all of your help. I am excited to get the size and color I was looking for. I will be back. Sincerely, Charlene

    Just got the Dansko clogs I ordered - the Narrow Pro - and I love them! The narrow width fits me so much better than the regular width. I have another pair of Dansko's that I've had for many years which are also in the narrow width, but this size seems to be hard to find. Thanks for your help (and the quick delivery of my order!) Ruth

    Kathy, You amaze me! Thank you very much, Judith

    Just want to let you know I received my sandals today. They are fabulous! Thanks for the fast shipping. I appreciate it. I will definitely keep you in mind for future shoe purchases! Take care, Anita

    I imagine all Dansko people are enthusiastic but YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! (please hold while I do the Happy Dance)(wheee!) (can you believe I already own this shoe and these are just the backup pair? sigh!) Your greatest fan, Janet

    Do you have a Bur-Mar's Shoes or Dansko experience to share? Email us, and we will post it on our site!